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Pay VIOLation



If you receive a parking violation from Park at Park City Mountain, you can pay for it through the following options:



Park at Park City Mountain C/O Interstate Parking

PO Box 7369 

Breckenridge, CO 80424

*Initial violations are $125. If not paid in 10 days, it will increase to $250

As Park City Mountain's parking operator, Park at Park City Mountain has the authority to issue violations and collect violation fines on behalf of Park Mountain Village and Park Canyons Village.




If you were issued a parking violation by Park at Park City Mountain and would like to dispute it, your dispute must be made in writing within 10 days of the violation date.


Disputes will not be handled in person or over the phone.

General reasons that violations won't be dismissed:

Below are some commonly listed reasons given for violating parking regulations. While these reasons may seem valid to the violator, they do not address Park at Park City Mountain Ordinances. These reasons generally will not result in the violations being dismissed, or the violator being successful on appeal.


Short errands

No errand, no matter how short or how important to the driver, is an acceptable excuse for illegal parking. A short errand is a very common excuse. It is not a valid reason for illegal parking.


"I was late for business or personal appointment"

Being late does not permit the driver the privilege of parking illegally.


"There was no other place to park"

It is driver’s responsibility to locate legal parking.


"I didn't see the sign" or "I didn't understand the sign"

Drivers are required to look for signs when parking. Saying that you did not see a sign preventing parking is not an acceptable excuse.


"Only part of my car was illegally parked"

A violation is not based on a certain percentage of the vehicle being illegally parked. If part of the vehicle extends into a restricted area, the violation is the same as if the entire vehicle encroached.


"I left someone in the car"

"I left my parking lights on (or blinking)"

"I left a note on the car as to my whereabouts"

"I left the motor running"

The purpose of parking regulations is to restrict vehicles from certain places. The presence of a passenger, a note or blinking lights does not satisfy this purpose and does not constitute a valid reason to dismiss a violation.


"It was only a few minutes"

This explanation is one of the most common claims. Even if true, parking in a prohibited area is still a violation.


"Nobody else got a violation"

Sometimes this excuse is raised as discriminatory enforcement. The officer may have had to leave the area before checking all the vehicles, however, a parking violation stands on its own.


"Someone else had my car; I wasn't even driving it"

The registered owner has joint responsibility with the person driving his or her car. Unless it can be shown by the registered owner that the car was driven without permission, the registered owner, renter or lessee is responsible for a parking violation.


"The violation was not enforced in the past"

This normally is not the case; however, inadequate staffing or other priorities may give rise to violations not being enforced continually; however, apparent failure to enforce parking laws does not constitute a valid excuse for illegal parking.


"I've done it for years" or "Everybody else does it"

This is never a valid excuse for illegally parking. Nobody should be rewarded for getting away with prior violations.

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